TCARES OFFICERS and DIRECTORS for the year 2017

President -- KI6WJT Mike Gray
Vice President -- KE6KYI Grayson Rehn
Secretary / Membership-- W6LDB Larry Brown
Treasurer-- K6MGR Marty Robillard
Director --NI6Z Carl Croci
Director -- N4NED Ned Sudduth
Director -- WB6GGY Phil Fish

Tuolumne County RACES Radio Officer-- WB6GGY Phil Fish
Tuolumne County ARES Emergency Coordinator-- NI6Z Carl Croci
Technical Committee Chair person WB6GGY Phil Fish
ARRL- Local Government Liaison -- WB6GGY Phil Fish -- NI6Z Carl Croci
ARRL- VE Liaison -- NI6Z Carl Croci

TCARES Values input from the Amateur Radio Community
Information should be sent to:
Any Officer or Board Member.
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